What is Niacin and where you can buy?

Niacin is one of the 20 to 80 essential nutrients for humans but not many are aware of its benefits. Another name for Niacin is nicotinic acid. But, what is niacin most commonly called? Well, it is Vitamin B3. It helps people with cholesterol issues and other health issues such as arthritis and memory loss.

Niacin is normally available either as supplements on their own or are often mixed in with other ingredients and made available as multi vitamin supplements. They can often be found in fat loss and protein based supplements. It is a known fact that the B group of vitamins play a pivotal role in energy and metabolism.

What is niacin most commonly used for other than for cholesterol sufferers?
Niacin helps functions the skin and nervous system as well as the digestive system. However, caution should be exercised when using high amounts of niacin and one should always seek medical advice to ensure that the right amount is taken as one of the negative side effects of Niacin is intense hot flushes which start from the top of the head and works its way down the body. Niacin should also be avoided for those suffering from stomach ulcer, active bleeding or liver disease.

Availability of Niacin
These days niacin is available at pharmacies, chemist shops and even supermarkets. It all comes down to the type that you are buying. Are you buying niacin in its raw form or in a supplement? Please be very careful where you buy from to ensure you receive a legitimate product. This rings true if you are going to make a purchase online. Read the product descriptions carefully and compare them with 2-3 other sites to ensure you are getting the real deal. Do your homework.

Some of the popular sites one can buy niacin are listed below:

The Vitamin Shoppe




Where to buy niacin

GNC – Live Well


A word of caution about niacin or for that matter any vitamins you purchase online. Never be swayed away by the hundreds or reviews received. Make the right judgement call and ensure you consult a medical doctor before purchasing as it is very important to ensure you are taking the right dose based on your personal profile such as age and current medical condition.

What is niacin dose for children, some may ask?
That is a tricky question as not much research has been carried out in that area and at present there is no safe or effective use for children so it is better to steer them well clear of niacin.