About Us

Mission Statement

“Morro Bay 4th, Inc. is a non-profit
organization whose mission is to
celebrate Independence Day with a
family friendly, alcohol free, traditional
4th of July picnic, celebration and
fireworks show inMorro Bay for our
residents and visitors to enjoy.”


Morro Bay 4th, Inc is a non-profit
organization that was formed in August
of 2009 to take on the responsibility of
hosting the July 4th Independence Day
Celebrations in the city of Morro Bay.
The group is comprised of concerned
citizens including business owners and
residents and is entirely volunteer with
no paid staff. Thus all donations go
directly toward the event without any
money going to salaries or unnecessary


What We Believe

• The 4th of July celebration
should be a community
wide event including all
facets of our community
and businesses.
• Events shall be family
focused and alcohol free.
• A traditional fireworks 4th
of July celebration adds to
the credibility and
reputation ofMorro Bay and
validates MorroBay as a
destination city in a tourism
driven county.
• The celebration should
promote public safety by
giving people a place to go
and watch legal fireworks in
a safe & sane environment.
It should reduce the
incidence and hazards of
illegal fireworks by giving
people a desirable
• A successful 4th of July
celebration will bring much
needed revenues to our city
instead of letting those
dollars go to surrounding
• Our bay and estuary are
ecological treasures. We
must be responsible citizens
and recognize the
environmentally sensitive
nature of our venue.